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Golf Takeaway Made Simple

  Mike Maggs of the Maggs Golf Academy, explains how to get your golf swing off to the right start with a Takeaway/Backswing technique so easy anyone with thumbs can do it!!!      

Video Tip – Chipping Made Easy with the Chip/Putt Technique

In this Video Mike Maggs of the Maggs Golf Academy in the Palm Springs area shows you how to use the Chip/Putt Technique to easily get to ball close from just about anywhere close to the putting green.  Mike’s Golf Instruction and golf schools for that matter are simple and easy to understand by design.  Golf … Continued

Pitch, Punch and Knockdown Drill

The Question I get most often from my students is how do I improve my Distance and Consistency? This three part Drill is the best way to Practice and Improve your Ball Striking with your irons bar none. Better Ball Striking equals more Distance and more Consistent Golf Shots. Not to mention that you are … Continued

Get a Grip… The Golf Grip From Your Point of View

In this Golf Video Tips Mike Maggs of the Maggs Golf Academy located in the Palm Springs area shows you a standard golf grip so you can get the golf club gripped correctly every time. He does this from the point of view of you the golfer. This allows you to see the same thing … Continued

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