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All New Member Benefits!

We have really ramped up our member benefits program with the inclusion of 7 pre-set stations for our members to use during our Supervised Game Accelerating Practice Sessions as well as an added Thursday 12pm Skills Clinic.



Video Stations with iPad Air’s!

Feedback is so critical in getting better – So we have teamed up with the V1 Golf Swing App which is pre-installed so you can video yourself, and so we can video you on the fly!


Trackman Stations at Every Practice Session!

Practice like the best players in the world using our two Trackman Launch Monitors during the supervised practice sessions. Get instant feedback on everything we are working on while we are there to help you and while we are away!


SAM Putt Lab Available at Supervised Practice Sessions!

This is one of the primary ways Jordan Speith and Tour players throughout the world work on their putting stroke – get instant feedback on every putt and zone in on your primary area that needs improvement.


Added Skills Clinic Thursday’s at Noon!

Our Very own Director of Instruction Mike Maggs will be conducting weekly skills clinics for all members every Thursday at 12pm! Come out and learn a variety of different skill sets such as Driving, Curving the ball, Pitching, etc. The skills will change each week so take advantage of this opportunity to really shave even more strokes off your score!


Boditrak Pressure Plate System Available at Supervised Practice Sessions!

Boditrak is the perfect tool for understanding how your weight shifts in your golf swing and where your weight needs to be to optimize impact for greatly improved ball striking.


Quarterly Member Outings!

There is nothing better than hitting the links with other members while your coaches are present. Starting in October we will be putting on Quarterly Member outings at local North County Golf Courses such as The Crossings and St. Mark. We will have sign up forms shortly and look forward to seeing you there!!


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