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The Best San Diego Golf School

A Southern California Golf Academy Golf School in San Diego, California will build upon itself each hour of each day. At the Best San diego Golf School we will be working on your entire game from short game to full swing to the mental game and on-course strategy. What this means in real terms for the full swing is we will work from “small to big” applying structure and feel using a series of drills to facilitate the learning and reinforcement the true swing fundamentals.

The Best San diego Golf Schools are NOT just you and your Expert Instructor standing on Southern California’s practice range hitting ball after ball trying something new in your golf swing after each shot. Southern California Golf Academy Golf Schools are thoughtfully constructed programs that are designed for you to see continued improvement as each exciting hour flies by.

Although we will be going through each area of emphasis as a group and doing drills together each student will be improving their own swing. This is not a one size fits all approach and each student’s individuality will be encouraged to come out.

All Southern California Golf Academy Golf Schools are designed as if we are building a house and all houses need a solid foundation, walls and a roof, but they can look very different. The drills we will be doing will expose your strengths that we will build on as well as your weaknesses that we will repair. This process of keeping what works and repairing what needs to be fixed is what is going to lead us to a more consistent and improved golf game and lower scores!! Please choose a Best San diego Golf School that best fits your needs….

Give us a call and we can discuss what Best San Diego Golf School will fit your needs (760) 600-9054!

3 Day Player Best San Diego Golf School

Includes (2) 9-Hole Playing Lessons with your Instructor

In this Best San Diego Golf Schools you will work on all aspects of the game, the long game, short game, course management as well as mental toughness. Your Best San Diego Golf School will go from 8am to noon at the Southern California Golf Academy Golf Facility.  After words, we will head to one of our selected partner golf courses (some course option will have price increases associated) where we will have lunch and play 9 holes of golf with your instructor and you are encouraged to complete the back each day on your own. The final day will be on the Driving Range/Practice Facility from 8am to 12pm consolidating a program for improvement and developing a practice plan for success.


Day 1 & 2, Practice Facility 8:00am – noon, Lunch, 9 Hole Playing Lesson 1:00pm – 3:30pm; Day 3, Practice Facility 8:00am – 12:00pm

Golf Game Investment:




We can also Custom Build your Best San Diego Golf School, Give us a call so we can Build the Custom Best San Diego Golf School of your Dreams (503) 577-6170