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Club Face Control Drill “The Key to Consistent Ball Striking Compression” Golf Video Tip

Club Face Control Drill Golf Video Tip:


Have you ever watched a Golf Video Tip, heard the golf analysts on TV or read in golf magazines that you need forward shaft lean as you strike the ball (i.e. Impact) with your irons? Have you noticed as you try to do this by pushing your hands forward at impact the club face opens and sends your shots dead right for the right handed player?

In today’s Golf Video Tip, Michael Maggs of the Maggs Golf Academy in Indio California at The golf club at Terra Lago explains why this happens and he shows you all of the inventive, yet completely counter productive ways golfers come up with to square the face at Impact.

Furthermore, he will share with you the extremely effective “Mini-Club Drill” that will train your hands and body to work together properly to Control the Club Face during Impact, which is the fastest part of your Golf Swing. Finally a golf drill that will get you compressing the ball with your irons every time, just like your favorite PGA Tour pros!!



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