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Mike Maggs

Mike Maggs has spent years giving hundreds of students countless hours of expert Golf Instruction at the PGA West La Quinta Resort helping his students reach their golfing goals and achieve what they thought was not possible. Mike used his time at the PGA West La Quinta Resort perfecting his Golf Instruction skills preparing him to achieve his ultimate goal of starting his own Maggs Golf Academy. This Season he decided it was time to move from PGA West La Quinta Resort and Head to the Beautiful Golf Club at Terra Lago, 10 minutes up the road in Indio, California.

On 1st of November, 2014 the Maggs Golf Academy officially opened and Mike’s dream had been realized.

Mike Maggs is now a dedicated Expert Golf Instructor at his very own Maggs Golf Academy. Mike uses his passion for golf and life to make his golf lessons the most fun and exciting in the business. Golf is a game and games are supposed to be fun. Many students have said that their time with was Mike at either the PGA West La Quinta Resort or the all New Maggs Golf Academy was the best golfing experience of their lives.

Mike previously was an Instructor at the PGA West Golf Academy as well as the Jim McLean Golf School, both of which were located at PGA West La Quinta Resort and Spa. Mike is a Certified Jim McLean Instructor.



Over the years Mike has studied the game of golf under several Top 100 Instructors, most notably Jim McLean. He learned patience from Jim and that meant not always fixing the first problem you see, but instead to step back and look more deeply until you can see the key corrections and not just the symptoms. Mike knows doing this is what ultimately will help his student succeed.

Every student is unique, with different goals and abilities and all these factors come into play when putting together a plan for success. It is important to tailor a plan that fits the goals and abilities of the student while at the same time inspiring that student to go farther than they thought possible.


About Devan

Originally from Portland Oregon, Devan played collegiate golf at College of the Desert in Palm Desert before transferring to San Diego State. Upon graduation from SDSU in 2007 he started working for Jim McLean at PGA West in La Quinta California. There Devan was able to spend significant time with Jim McLean and was subsequently asked by Jim to move to the TPC Doral location in Miami Florida to be his Personal Teaching Assistant. As Jim McLean’s personal assistant Devan was able to teach with Jim in every golf lesson, clinic and school that he taught.

Some of the notable players he worked with while Jim’s Assistant were Greg Norman, Keegan Bradley, Lexi Thompson, Eric Compton, and Vaughn Taylor. Devan also aided Jim in the writing of his Death Moves book in 2009. In 2011 Devan was offered a Master Instructor position at The Jim McLean Junior Academy in Dallas/Fort Worth. He spent the next 5 years helping develop some of the best Junior golfers in the country.

In addition to Jim McLean Devan has had the opportunity to spend significant time with Mike Bender, Jim Hardy, Hank Haney, Chuck Cook, Jim Flick, and Carl Welty. The culmination of this time has helped shape the way Devan teaches golf. Devan enjoys working with players of all abilities from the High Performance Junior to the Weekend Golfer, or just anyone looking to pick up the game and have fun!


Devan’s Teaching Philosophy

In my opinion it is the teachers job to adapt to the student not the other way around. My biggest goal is to find the areas of your game that need the most help and turn them into strengths. It may be your full swing, your course management, or your short game. I use every possible tool available to me to give you the correct information and also to convey this information in a simple manner. In order to improve you need to know EXACTLY what you are currently doing, what you want to do instead, and what path will take you there. I learned this 3-step system from Jim McLean and it is bulletproof.

Most lessons consist of both video with high-speed cameras while simultaneously running Trackman to get an MRI of your impact and quantitative data. I then explain what the data is telling us and show you via the video what is causing the numbers to be what they are. I have thousands of tour swings to give you a visual picture on what direction you need to go (not necessarily what you need to do). Drills are a key component to learning as well and I will prescribe you the necessary tools to isolate the change and own it. Your time is valuable make sure you are making your practice sessions (as short or as long as they may be) as efficient as possible.